Dear Dorset Police and Crime Panel,


Thanks for your letter received this morning informing me that no action will be taken.


So now we can see that despite the heading at, “.. purpose is to support and scrutinise Dorset's Police and Crime Commissioner” it is now clear that when the PCC gets involved in a large scale blatant fraud under the protection of the IPCC, the panel will do nothing.


Despite the “rules”, the panel should clearly have attempted to do something but has clearly chosen not to “rock the boat”, not even seeking some simple answers to some simple questions to the PCC. The Dorset Police and Crime Panel seems quite content to have a corrupt Police and Crime Commissioner in place.


As such, I will be adding the names of the panel to my “name and shame” article which I will work on over the winter.


Mr Underhill, you “welcomed” this investigation, as it would “mean that the matter was “resolved transparently once and for all”” . But it has just been dodged, yet again, I suspect you are very disappointed by that? Can I suggest that if you believe you are acting with integrity and competence, you will have nothing to lose by having an open meeting with me? And you can have any number of people there to support you, and the press as well if you like. I will act alone. But because you know you are in the wrong, and the facts and knowledge I have will prove it, you will continue to keep your head in the sand.


If I am indeed just a trouble maker, you will be able to expose me and my protest will beaten. The facts, Mr Underhill, that you seem so scared of, are what will win through, if not now, in 5, 10, 15 years, who knows, it can take a while just as we have seen with other recently exposed large scale crimes and cover ups.