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Another shocking Dorset Police AND Devon and Cornwall Police coverup starts...

After my last attempt to get some honesty and accountability from Dorset Police was totally buried by Dorset Police and the various police regulators and others (see the links on the left) my energies were occupied elsewhere for a while. But in 2019 I came across some fake news about Dorset Police achieving a 30% road death and serious injury reduction. I couldn't let that pass. A few months on, it is clear that this is going to end up in yet another classic large scale coverup.

So here I will present just an overview of the main parts so far with links to the main documents and some additional comments:

Jan 2019: Dorset Police announces that it has achieved a 30% KSI reduction. The level of self congratulation is remarkable. The financial cost of this "success" is mentioned by Martyn Underhill along with the wish to "sustain" this fake reduction. This misrepresentation of safety benefit comes from PCC Martyn Underhill, Chief Constable James Vaughan, and Adrian Leisk, Head of the Road Safety Alliance (and Chief Inspector Devon and Cornwall Police) Note that Martyn Underhill has a personal interest in a "charity" that he is making driver awareness course money availalble to, and that these police driver courses have now been shown not to provide any measurable casualty reduction improvement. So Underhill has a personal interest in sustaining police activities that achieve nothing against the stated claims. 

Sep / Oct 2019: I notice this fake news and release an article exposing it, also commenting on the fact that Chief Constable James Vaughan doesn't seem to know if the £120 Dorset Police driver course has any benefit. I also raise a formal complaint against James Vaughan, and Martyn Underhill (to the Dorset Police and Crime panel).

20 Sep 2019: I get a reply from Simon Bullock, who works directly under Martyn Underhill, who tried to shut the complaint down referring to a letter written to me 5 years ago, but recognising that due to the time passed, it would be right to consider the complaint. His "consideration" is an absolute classic of ignoring the facts and the points, and just doing what is best for his boss. They refused to even record the complaint. My response, an appeal to the IOPC for refusing to record, and the nonsense from Simon Bullock, can be seen here    

The complaint also went to Devon and Cornwall Police due to the involvement of Adrian Leisk in this misrepresentation. I've seen some nonsense from Dorset Police but what came back from Devon is right up there. The complaint was dealt with by "local resolution" when such serious matters should have gone directly to the IOPC, and the LR that resulted was a farce, not only failing to face ANY of the points in the complaint but failing also to bring ANY of the LR outcomes, and even allowing the misrepresentation to remain! And it said that "Chief Inspector Leisk is not responsible for the interpretation of the data that is produced" Yes Really!! So don't believe anything a senior police officer tells you as they are not responsible for it!!

Here is the resulting appeal back to Devon and Cornwall

So now we have a long, long wait while the wheels grind round at D&C appeals and the IOPC, let's see if the IOPC is any better than the IPCC was, I have to say I am not very optimistic! Watch this space.....

Nov 2019: I have heard back from Devon and Cornwall Police. This is quite astonishing. Having upheld my appeal against their first Local Resolution, there now seems to be a proper understanding of my complaint and a clear statement about the investigation which will take place, which if it happens as stated, is likely to uncover what really happened and make recommendations to prevent it happening again, in other words, what actually should happen! Never seen anything like this in 15 years from Dorset. Well done Devon and Cornwall! Of course my previous complaint against Dorset initially looked positive from the Head of Professional Standards at Hampshire, then it was covered up, so we will see.

This also demonstrates that the refusal by Underhill to even record the complaint, now shown to be correct and justified, is as it looked, just another attempt to bury serious misconduct, appalling behaviour from the one person entrusted with making Dorset Police accountable to the public.