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Exposing incompetence, greed, waste, danger and corruption in the speed enforcement industry
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On these pages you will find a shocking history of Police corruption, incompetence, dishonesty, protection and coverup going back decades involving past and present senior police staff, Chief Constables, Council Leaders, regulators, and judges.

This is focused on Dorset Police, but you will see how Dorset Police has been protected by Hampshire Police, and more recently, Devon and Cornwall police.

I will now use this home page as an index to events that I notice that deserve comment from 2019 onwards. Latest at the top:



Aug 2023 Dorset PCC David Sidwick admits "Community Speedwatch" causes dangerous driving!!

I predict, that sooner or later, there will be injury resulting from the ridiculous speed watch nonsense, whereas, it is quite possible that no road safety improvement results at all

Aug 2023 The mentality (or absence of it) behind 20MPH speed limits

Only a simple summary is needed

20 June 2023 Dorset PCC David Sidwick supporting the ridiculous "Community Speed Watch" scheme

All I have ever noticed when I see these ridiculous schemes in operation is increased confrontation, aggression and distraction

20 Feb 2023 Road Safety Update, Dorset, 2023

More ignorant, inaccurate, incomplete, deluded nonsense from Dorset Police.

23 Nov 2022 Dorset Police Chief Constable Scott Chilton runs away from Dorset Police corruption

Time and time again, when it looks like things might be getting "tricky", senior police have moved on or "retired" and this usually (with the help of the PCCs, Councils, IOPC etc) is enough to protect them.

2 Nov 2022 Difficult to keep up with the flow of information further demonstrating examples of the shocking state of our police / councils etc.

Who is in charge? Why is no one listening? Why is no one being sacked? How about the policing minister Kit Malthouse for example?

23 Oct 2022 Mike: Dorset Council "malfeasance in office" or "official abuse of power"

The next stage in the shocking revelations about Dorset Council, Police etc.

Oct 2022 Prosecutions against Dorset Officials including (ex) Chief Constable James Vaughan and Dorset Council Corporate Director Jonathan Mair announced

Although the core subjects of our investigations are quite different (mine started about the incompetence and corruption in “road safety”), the ingredients are painfully familiar

1st July 2022 It's time to shut down the failed, vast, arrogant monster our police forces have become

The Met and 5 other forces now in "special measures"

May 2022 Supt Adrian Leisk - a man totally obsessed with speed

The level of single-mindedness is astonishing. It looks like simple brainwashing, or perhaps it is the result of it

13 Feb 2022 UK Police and Government - a total embarrassment

"Some might say that for example Scott Chilton and David Sidwick should take no blame, they are just fitting into a totally broken system and doing as they are told. I don't."

Sep 2021 Police corruption, incompetence and waste, update September 2021

So much to mention, struggling to keep up again

27 Aug 2021 HMICFRS late to recognise police failure again - Child Protection

"These inconsistencies affect safeguarding and potentially leave children at risk."

Aug 2021 My questions for new Chief Constable Scott Chilton

Dave Sidwick stuck his head in the sand, let's now see new Chief Constable do the same!

June 2021 New Conservative Dorset PCC David Sidwick as corrupt as expected

Here we are nearly 2 decades on from when I first identified and announced dysfunctional policing, starting a new chapter

2 Apr 2021 My questions for new PCC David Sidwick

I am more likely to see cows flying than proper answers to these questions from anyone!

26 Apr 2021 Not a PCC to vote for in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall

Probably best to do what I will do, not bother voting at all

2 Apr 2021 My questions for PCC candidates in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall

I will await any responses with interest, I have plenty more questions

25th Feb 2021 Home Secretary starts to see a fragment of the reality of policing in the UK

Anyone who thinks or hopes that this behaviour is an exception in the UK police is deluded

11 Feb 2021 My previous message about broken policing in the UK confirmed

Can UK policing go any lower?

4th Feb 2021 Letter to the Government / Home Office

To those in government / the Home Office - please can you fix policing in the UK

20th Dec 2020 Martyn Underhill driving up costs of policing again while he continues to drive down standards

Not long before Martyn Underhill finishes as PCC - thank goodness.

3rd Dec 2020 Lies from Dorset OPCC Chief Executive Simon Bullock confirmed

The capacity for Dorset Police to keep demonstrating their dishonesty, incompetence and greed is starting to surprise even me.

3rd Dec 2020 The Dorset and Devon & Cornwall Police "Alliance" misstates road safety performance AGAIN!

Assisted this time by Police Constable Heidi Moxam of the "Alliance" .

25h Nov 2020 Any hope that PCC Alison Hernandez is less corrupt than PCC Martyn Underhill finally fades away

Assisted this time by Natalie Martin, OPCC Devon and Cornwall .

14th Nov 2020 Another lie, yet another coverup - Dorset and Devon & Cornwall Police (Richard Scott)

They keep coming! .

Nov 2020 Misrepresentation of the year award 2020: Martyn Underhill and Dorset Police

The rate at which the deceptions flow from Underhill and his force is starting to be hard to keep up with, and here we have, incredibly, yet another, an absolute gem, and totally deserving of this prestigious award.

Oct 2020 Coverup of the year award 2020, Mr Underhill, Ms Hernandez, PCCs, Dorset and Devon & Cornwall Police

Assisted by Simon Bullock and Carol Reece.

I’ve seen some coverups but this one is an absolute classic and deserves a special mention
Aug 2020 More nonsense and misinformation from Dorset Police

June 2020 It's official - speed cameras used to make money, not save life

June 2020 My article in conclusion about the lies from Martyn Underhill, James Vaughan and Adrian Leisk, their own coverup and everyone who assisted: A new low for policing in the UK

27th March 2020 Bad news for Dorset, Martyn Underhill will be PCC for another year. Comments from Martyn Underhill have to be seen to be believed:

"We have a long and proud tradition in this country of policing by consent"
I don't remember consenting to the police to lie to the public, protect each other, and the lies, and cover it all up?

"My role – and the role of other PCCs – is partly to scrutinise exactly what the police are doing..." This from the same man who has recently lied to the public about the performance of the police, and himself, and then buried the resulting complaint about it, covered it up, and even left the lies for all to see?


2019 Other examples of dodgy news from Dorset Police in 2019.
2019 Hm Inspectorate of Constabulary rate Dorset Police good, while not seeing the reality from the public and refusing to look at corruption and misconduct.
Jan 2019 The astonishing release of lies (Jan 2019) by PCC Martyn Underhill, CC James Vaughan and Adrian Leisk about their own achievements in reducing road casualty, and how they, and their "professional standards", the IOPC, etc, have shut down and buried complaints made against them for lying to the public and asking for money as a result:: 2019, Lies, coverup and protection.