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Exposing incompetence, greed, waste, danger and corruption in the speed enforcement industry
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On these pages you will find a shocking history of Police corruption, incompetence, dishonesty, protection and coverup going back decades involving past and present senior police staff, Chief Constables, Council Leaders, regulators, and judges.

This is focused on Dorset Police, but you will see how Dorset Police has been protected by Hampshire Police, and more recently, Devon and Cornwall police.

I will now use this home page as an index to events that I notice that deserve comment from 2019 onwards. Latest at the top:


Aug 2020 More nonsense and misinformation from Dorset Police

June 2020 It's official - speed cameras used to make money, not save life

June 2020 My article in conclusion about the lies from Martyn Underhill, James Vaughan and Adrian Leisk, their own coverup and everyone who assisted: A new low for policing in the UK

27th March 2020 Bad news for Dorset, Martyn Underhill will be PCC for another year. Comments from Martyn Underhill have to be seen to be believed:

"We have a long and proud tradition in this country of policing by consent"
I don't remember consenting to the police to lie to the public, protect each other, and the lies, and cover it all up?

"My role – and the role of other PCCs – is partly to scrutinise exactly what the police are doing..." This from the same man who has recently lied to the public about the performance of the police, and himself, and then buried the resulting complaint about it, covered it up, and even left the lies for all to see?


2019 Other examples of dodgy news from Dorset Police in 2019.
2019 Hm Inspectorate of Constabulary rate Dorset Police good, while not seeing the reality from the public and refusing to look at corruption and misconduct.
Jan 2019 The astonishing release of lies (Jan 2019) by PCC Martyn Underhill, CC James Vaughan and Adrian Leisk about their own achievements in reducing road casualty, and how they, and their "professional standards", the IOPC, etc, have shut down and buried complaints made against them for lying to the public and asking for money as a result:: 2019, Lies, coverup and protection.