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Name and shame

Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
Here is the link to the new group

Further evidence that what I have found is just the norm, and is likley to be properly exposed before too long:

Ex-police questioned over £1.9million paid by motorists on speed awareness courses: Crime watchdogs order firms to open their books as they investigate a 'murky' deal struck by forces

In the Mail today:


And here in Dorset, we have point blank refusal to properly account for course costs, operations blatantly optimized to make money, not save life, including fraudulent £1million camera, extensive and completely concrete proof of corrupted reports and cover-up by the PCC Martyn Underhill, Hampshire Police and the IPCC.

Anyone in any doubt as to the opinion of the public on this and the damage to public confidence in the police should read the comments and the votes in this article.

It should be obvious now that this will one day, perhaps before too long, be properly investigated and exposed. Please, Dorset Police and Crime panel, do not accept the IPCC refusal to investigate Martyn Underhill and do not add yourselves to this cover-up.