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Update, 2nd Aug 07: support is continuing to grow, with the help of Wave105 broadcasting a news item about DorsetSpeed on Monday this week. Dorset Way contra-flow is now removed, but the 30 limit is STILL IN PLACE!! Most cars are driving at 70-80 on this stretch now, when traffic is light, totally safely of course. With motorists being fined for 35MPH in a 30 wherever the "safety" partnerships choose, because to exceed the speed limit is SO DANGEROUS, it is simply extraordinary that this situation, which makes a complete nonsense of road safety policy, and the propaganda from the partnerships, has been allowed to continue. DorsetSpeed wants to return common sense to road management, PLEASE SUPPORT DorsetSpeed:   info@dorsetspeed.org.uk,

There is some significant other progress going on, which I can't detail at the moment, but if you've got as far as visiting this site, adding your support will make a BIG difference.
Update: Wednesday 25th July 2007: Due to direct action by DorsetSpeed, both the 50 and 30 limits Eastbound have been moved closer to the roundabout. This is a fantastic start, it shows that it really is possible to achieve change with a determined approach. But it doesn't go far enough, Westbound, there is still a mile of normally unrestricted dual carriageway, after the contraflow and with no traffic works whatsoever, with a 30 limit, and an average vehicle speed of 60.

Some temporary speed restrictions have been put in place on the Dorset Way in Poole which have to be seen to be believed. The 30 limit extends a mile to the West of the contra-flow, with no road work activity whatsoever, apart from a few cones in the easterly direction on the roundabout. Approaching the roundabout from the East, there is a 50 limit for 1/2 a mile, and then a 30 limit for 1/2 a mile, again totally unnecessary as the traffic slows below 30 anyway for the roundabout.  

So, you have an average traffic speed of at least 60, in these 30 limits, and the partnerships are trying to gain credibility, that driving at 36 in a 30 even on a dual carriageway, is dangerous. Please see the video on the video page to see what happens if you drive at 30. Those who feel compelled to drive at 30, possibly due to the activities of the camera partnerships, are at danger of being rear-ended by the normal flow of traffic.

This situation is proof, that those currently managing the roads, really have completely lost it.

I phoned the number on the board at the side of the contraflow (01202 262172), and explained this to the fairly reasonable sounding bloke at the other end. He was sympathetic to my observations about this madness, but explained that nothing could be done outside of the guidlines for distances, etc.

I simply can't work out how or why things have got so bad. This is why, it's going to take some considerable effort, to get through to those responsible, both locally and nationally, that they really need to start thinking differently. I have an uncomfortable feeling that without efforts like this, and public pressure, things will get even worse.

This seems to be about blame avoidance. The DFT has guidelines (which obviously can't be flexible enough to cope with all of the different situations all over the country), but says that the detail is up to the Council. The Council say they are following the DFT guidelines. If an accident happens, and the DFT guidelines are being followed to the letter, the council is in the clear. No one is thinking about what is actually necessary, or prepared to take the responsibility to do it. If it causes misery to the motorist, so be it, that doesn't seem to matter. If it demonstates that the "safety partnerships" are talking nonsense about speed limits and safety, so be it, what do they care, they'll carry on raking in the £££ anyway because no one can do anything about it. Maybe now, we can start to understand the cause of some permanent speed limits which are far too low (like the Wessex Way or A31 St Leonards 50 limits for example, which are also widely ignored, except for where the cameras are).

It will only take the "Dorset Safety Camera Partnership" to decide to target this area, which is exactly the sort of thing they would do, and hundreds, maybe thousands of people will be paying big fines and / or fighting to keep their licenses, with absolutely no safety benefit whatsoever.

It is absolutely critical that you support the efforts of DorsetSpeed, to fight situations like this, and restore common sense to road management.