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I thought it would be interesting to show how totally mad some of the speed limits we have around Poole are. Here are some pictures and comments about some of the roads I travel frequently. This helps to demonstrate not only that we have many limits far too low but also how completely bonkers it is that some think that regardless of anything else,driving a few MPH above the limit is very dangerous, and driving within the speed limit is very safe:

Let's start with some 60MPH roads, most of these are busy roads around the Lytchett Minster School. Strange thing is, it's not a bad accident area at all. I wonder how that could be with no nice slow speed limits to keep us safe?:

Here is a 50 limit road, on a junction, right through the centre of a busy shopping area, which has no proper pedestrian crossing of the main road:

Now we start getting silly. Here is another 50 limit road. Since the absurd reduction, this is now one of Dorset Road Unsafe's favourite locations to use their long range speed camera:

And another favorite spot, just coming over a brow at the end of a 30 dual carriageway, :

...and another favorite enforcement location at this daft 30 limit, :

Here is the infamous greed on green, the 30 limit that made well over a £ million, before they closed it down, to save money, they told us !!!!!!!!!!! If it were not for the lamp posts, you really could land a small aircraft here. Just compare it to some of the 60 limit roads above:

Here the 30 limit (on the other side of the bay) is about right - built up, shops, houses, large pedestrian / cyclist volumes etc. How can the same limit be right for both of the last 2 pics? Here, driving above the speed limit would most certainly be likely to be dangerous - but you'll never see any enforcement. I wonder if it's because not enough people speed to make enough money? I predict there will be a nasty accident here some time soon, it's like a race track when all the workers leave the port (and at other times). :