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Two further counties shutting down their wasteful, dangerous road "safety" partnerships and saving £millions see lower accidents / deaths


2 articles I have found just this month, about Bristol and Northamptonshire, both shutting down their "safety" partnerships last year and switching off speed cameras (saving £ millions), and subsequently seeing reductions in accidents / deaths.

Although comparing figures from one (or two) years to the next is statistically meaningless (unless, it seems you are in the "industry", in which case any reduction while there is a camera in place is optimistically presented as proof that cameras save lives), the bloodbath predicted by those who's jobs depend on them simply does not occur.

"The number of accidents has dropped since Bristol speed cameras switched off. The Avon and Somerset safety camera partnership, which ran the cameras, was disbanded last year and the fixed cameras were turned off in March."

The number of road deaths in Northamptonshire fell to an all-time low in 2011, police figures show. The figures, the lowest since records began in 1960, coincided with the year the county's (road safety partnership was disbanded and) fixed speed cameras were switched off."