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More injuries with a speed camera as a probable factor


I am not producing many articles at the moment, partly due to the nice weather and partly because I am preparing a major item about Dorset Police and Poole Council on incompetent and dangerous road safety policies and decision making, statements of benefit that seem aimed to deceive, misuse / concealment of spend of public money, etc, amongst many other things.

But I do need to comment on this:

Last year, a motorcyclist was killed in Dorset where according to the coroner, a speed camera was a major factor. Despite extensive efforts, I was not able to get Dorset Road Unsafe to confirm, or deny, that cameras can contribute to accidents, they simply chose “not to keep records” about it. How totally ridiculous that a “road safety” organisation could choose not to keep records of any road death and the factors, let alone one that happened right in front of it which it obviously contributed to, in order to avoid answering an important question. Anyway, this is proof that they are engaging in activities that they have not properly risk assessed, a basic requirement for almost anything these days let alone a “safety” activity which anyone in the real world knows causes erratic and unpredictable driving and therefore danger. http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/news/107.aspx

And when the inevitable disasters happens, all you will find from the Dorset authorities is the typical “not my problem, I was following my rules” kind of response (if you can get any) that I have become to know so well.

We know that for every road death there are approximately 10 serious injuries and many more minor injuries and crashes. Although the facts may not yet be known, it seems very likely that this incident was one of those that would have been expected partly due to the presence of a speed camera.

How many more injuries and deaths do we have to suffer before these pointless contraptions are put out of action and replaced with some proper policing? “We can’t afford it” would be the answer I’d expect. But one traffic cop on the road looking for dangerous drivers, tailgating, bad overtaking, road rage, etc etc. would be better for road safety in Dorset than the vast troops of  jobsworths we have now sending out as many “invitations to courses” as they possibly can in order to preserve their jobs (and then trying to hide where the money goes) http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/news/sog102.aspx

Those who are prolonging the existence of Dorset Road Unsafe along with it’s sickening and insulting “no excuse” nonsense for which I have seen absolutely no independent analysis of benefit (but plenty of optimistic statements from those whose jobs depend on it while even the jobs of proper police are at risk) can now only be doing it in deliberate denial of the ever increasing evidence that they are increasing deaths and serious injuries, for CASH.