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Kent and Medway Speed Camera Website – trying to mislead again shortly after being told to remove misleading statements

The true motivations of Kent Council / Police are now clear. Just a short while after it was explained to them that it was unacceptable to mislead about speed camera effectiveness, for the simple reason that it corrupts road safety decision making and therefore costs lives, and they were forced to remove the statement, an almost identical statement has reappeared:




At the top of the Crash, Casualty and Ticket data page, is the statement in bold: “Since the Partnership formed in July 2002, the number of people killed or seriously injured at safety sites has reduced by 72%”, with absolutely no mention of the fact that the reduction cannot possibly, even remotely, be only due to the cameras, and no mention of the multitude of more significant factors that cause reductions. This statement and these omitted truths fulfil the intent to deceive as good as a lie.


Following the action by the Advertising Standards Authority, and my previous article:




and exhaustive attempts from myself and others to get senior Kent Councillors to properly communicate about this, it is obvious that this can no longer be any kind of mistake. It is deliberate deception, in order to make money. As a reminder, I'm not certain that there is a link, but I found that those senior councillors are on 6 figure salaries, Kent Council makes about £2 million from driver courses.


It should now be obvious to all that the speed camera industry is one of the most damaging and corrupting things we have in this country.