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More 20 limits in Poole


Here we go again, the critical and complex issue of road safety being determined not by professional process but by councillors making decisions based on what they seem to think some are shouting for.

Cllr Dion, Cllr Clements, could you please tell me what speed reduction is actually likely to result from a change in the limit from 30 to 20? Can you tell me the the ksi reduction / cost benefit that will result, and how this compares to the cost / benefit of a proper traffic cop? Or have you not even thought about quantifying cost effectiveness? Are you aware of the negative aspects of limits that are too low, and that there is no evidence of safety improvement in 20 zones, in fact, the data does not look good at all for 20 limits? What is the level of compliance with 20 limits? Do you know that where you improve the perception of safety without actually improving it, you actually make it more dangerous? Can you tell me the extent of the support for these 20 zones, or is it just imaginary as was the “community concern” that resulted in the Greed on Green camera that made a £million at a ZERO ksi location? Is it anything to do with the fact that APCO have now decided to offer lucrative driver awareness courses for people driving at 24MPH? Have you learned any lessons from recent disasters such as the Fleetsbridge traffic lights, the Twin Sails bridge / road network and traffic calming projects that don’t work? Are you aware of the danger that results when the critical resources we have are squandered on placating a group of residents instead of being spent on projects which have been calculated to have the best benefit?

Cllr Dion, Cllr Clements, will you answer some of these questions or will you just ignore them and carry on wasting money and endangering the public? I already know the answer to that question.