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How much more desperate can Dorset Police get to make money from safe driving?

The Old Wareham Road, opposite Ryvita, has long been a favourite location for Dorset Road Unsafe operations. Just over a hill and at the end of a dual carriageway with a totally inappropriate 30 limit, where lanes merge and the safest action can often be to increase speed for a short while to safely pass slower vehicles in the left lane, in a non-residential main road environment, making money must often be like shooting fish in a barrel. I once saw a lady having to push a pram on the road to get around the van but as we know Dorset Road Unsafe don’t care in the slightest about the dangers they cause and will even consider dangers reported to them by operators only as “speculation”.

But this morning, according to the facebook group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/289211581192058/ there have been sightings of a mobile operation facing down the hill on the full dual carriageway section away from the 30 limit. This is a new low in the operations of Dorset Road Unsafe, you could exceed 30 here even by freewheeling and the speed in itself would cause no danger to anyone whatsoever.

We are now seeing mobile camera operations as ridiculous as the Greed on Green fixed camera  which made a £million in a year at a zero KSI location, while Dorset’s KSI reduction performance continues to be disappointing and it becomes ever clearer that the primary priority of Dorset Police is to make money from those driving at a snail’s pace.