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More unsafe mobile camera operations

The dangers that Dorset Road Unsafe are causing to their operators and the public is becoming quite alarming. There is a facebook group which has been set up to inform members of mobile camera operations https://www.facebook.com/groups/289211581192058/ and members have posted pictures of mobile operations (blow) demonstrating a blatant disregard both for the operators inside the vans and for the public who if they did find themselves going off the road for any reason (including tyre failure, distraction, illness, impairment, etc) would have an unnecessary additional object they might hit or be deflected off into other vehicles.

When I asked Dorset Road Unsafe by FOI if they were aware of any risks of camera enforcements they said there were none and that any suggestion was speculation. Quite apart from the distraction / adverse reactions caused to drivers it is obvious from these pictures that this is deliberately ignoring obvious risks which you would not find in any professional safety organisation or indeed any normal organisation of any kind.

Vans are also often seen on the Fleetsbridge flyover which is on a brow and a bend, and on a 50 limit set 20% below even average speeds in total conflict with DfT guidance. Another favourite spot opposite Ryvita results in those attempting to use the pavement to have to walk in the road.

Since the death of the motorcyclist resulting from a mobile camera operation I have asked for mobile speed camera operations to be suspended until a proper professional safety justification, properly accounting for the risks, has been carried out, but there are still no signs that Dorset Police properly understand and account for the risks (and demonstrate any net camera safety benefit whatsoever) and over the past year, as those responsible for Dorset Police have changed, it is looking like things are getting worse, not better.

As we know there are about 10 serious injuries for every death and maybe 50 slight, and probably many more near misses. It is inconceivable that these cameras are not causing large numbers of dangerous situations and with current activities it is only a matter of time before there is another serious injury or death with a camera as a factor. Perhaps Dorset Police will find it more difficult to sweep another death under the carpet.