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Update, 16th Nov 07:

The Dorset "Safety" camera partnership doing what they do best: clocking up the cash where a limit has been set totally unrealistically low for the road type. I am not aware of a more ridiculous 30 limit in the county. Rolling along here at 40 for example, is totally safe. It's not close to houses, the pavement is virtually disused, and set back more than a cars width from the road. The road is wide, straight and clear, a short section of dual carriageway. The characteristics of this road are totally different to roads in busy residential or town centre areas, and yet it has the same limit. Here is the proof, that limits are set incorrectly, and the scamera partnerships then exploit the situation to raise cash. How do they find people low enough to do this job? If there were any accidents at the time elsewhere, in places where speed enforcement would have been more likely to detect and discourage dangerous speed, those who design and support these operations MUST be considered partly responsible. Note also the illegal parking on the pavement.