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Bournemouth Traffic Surveys




My original email, Sept 18th 

Response from Rick Clayton, 24th Sept 

My response, 24th Sept 



Last week, traffic surveys were carried out on the Bournemouth Spur road, which caused huge disruption and loss to many and which are very unlikely to result in any meaningful conclusions or action.


There have been some interesting online discussions about this:






While there is obviously considerable blame placed on those directly involved in road planning, many see this as an inevitable occurrence under top heavy councils, disinterested in those they are meant to serve and only interested in their own success and wealth. Many recent news items support this view, such as those concerning pay rises for council staff, council spend, and decisions about services to be terminated made behind closed doors, by those a million miles from the real world.



The road surveys were a farce and a personal disaster for many. But something good could actually come out of it, a proper coordinated protest against dysfunctional councils and the incompetent greedy individuals who thrive in them. If you agree, please email me and tell others.