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Dear All

Firstly thank you to all of you for putting your views forward regarding the Speed on green Safety Camera site at Holes Bay. I hope each of the recipients of this e-mail do not mind but I felt that a collective response would cut down on the e-mail time.

 I’m grateful to you for communicating your views and I would wish in turn to not give a view but just pass on to you some of the facts around this site which may be of use.

 1                     The speed limit prior to the 30MPH site is in fact 50MPH

2                     That the 50MPH road is a duel carriageway. The 30MPH where the camera is sited is an intersection controlled by traffic lights, traffic light cameras and more recently a  speed on green camera

3                     Currently 20,000 vehicles pass through the junction per day. In the timeframe covering your estimates of income 3.6 million vehicles passed the camera. The offence rate equates to 0.26% of all of the motorists who pass the junction.

4                     The site is a 30MPH site. It is the posted speed limit adopted by Poole Borough council reviewed in 2007 and found to be correct for this type of road and junction.

5                     Attached to this e-mail are the latest photographs of the area in question for your review. I would offer that the site is clearly marked as a 30MPH area and that the camera is painted yellow. Further you will also observe that there is a series of street lights which again indicate that you are in a 30MPH zone.

6                     All roundels are lit at night. This is a requirement for enforcement.

7                     In Dorset we have an Educational disposal option. This is applied to all offenders wherever the offence occurs and does include the Holes Bay Site. The criteria for being offered the course is in accordance with the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) guidelines namely 10% plus 2 MPH to 10% plus six for the posted site. In this case disposal for education would be considered between 35 and 39 MPH. Please also note that enforcement at any site is again in accordance with ACPO namely Posted Speed Limit plus 10%

I only ask one question why should motorists not obey the posted and legal speed limit?

I hope the enclosed does show that the site is compliant and that only those who break the speed limit are in fact prosecuted.

Yours sincerely

Pat Garrett

Head of SEES

Dorset Police 

Please click here to see my  reply  

Please click here to see my  reply