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Yet another dangerous , ineffective, and costly road safety decision from Poole Council


(You should read the comments.)

A GROUP of angry Poole residents are demanding that “horrendous” traffic calming be removed from their street.

They say the speed humps do not keep traffic speeds down in narrow Sterte Road, the 20mph speed limit is widely ignored and there are fears the constant vibration will damage their homes.

When lorries travelling to industrial estates rattle and crash over the five sets of speed humps, installed in October 2010, homes vibrate and residents are now at their wits end.

Marion Allnutt, 67, who has lived in the street since 1984 and took a petition around her neighbours said: “Ornaments and photos vibrate off the shelves.”

How much more damage is Poole Council going to do to Poole's roads, and how much more money will it waste?
All it seems they can think of to do is to install speed bumps, reduce speed limits and fit traffic lights all over the place. If they listened to normal people, or had any common sense, they might realise that these things do not necessarily help and can even make matters worse.
I've previously pointed out some speed "cushions" that cause traffic to drive between them, in the middle of the road, on a bend, and at the same time, due to the frequency characteristics of the bumps on a vehicle, create less of a bump effect the faster you go:
But these things seem consistent with what you would expect when critical road safety and spend decisions being made purely on the opinions of a few unqualified (but highly opinionated) laypersons, as we have in Poole.
No further evidence of this should be necessary, Poole must immediately replace it's "Transport Advisory Group" members with a professional team who may have some chance of getting things right.
Wasted money, wasted lives.