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Name and shame

Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
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Poole's parking enforcement car also fining vehicles not parked!


Bournemouth's cam car has already been found fining drivers who did not even stop:



Now Poole's new cam car is doing the same.


These are just the things we are hearing about, I wonder how many other things are going on? How many drivers are just paying up without questioning, because they think that's the easiest option?

"A DRIVING instructor was stunned to receive a £70 fine notice because a pupil practising reversing around a corner correctly stopped to let a car go past.

While carrying out the manoeuvre, Paul Ware’s pupil stopped on double yellow lines.

Unfortunately for Paul, the vehicle was a Poole council camera car, and the resulting snap led to a fixed penalty notice dropping through his letterbox.

But thanks to a separate council slip-up, Paul has been told he won’t have to pay the fine – because the camera reported the location as Blandford Road and not the correct location of Catalina Drive."

Not only is this a case of another driver being fined for illegal parking while he was driving, but the camera car operator didn't even get the name of the road right! Where do they find the people they use for these things? And was it on school zigzags, as Cllr Dion said this camera car would be used for? Of course not.
Is it sinking in yet, Poole Council, why people think you cannot be trusted with road safety matters?