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Complaint update


What I have to report may seem shocking to anyone not familiar with my investigations into Dorset Police but after a great deal of careful preparation over many years I have no hesitation whatsoever in making the following statements and progressing this as a complaint against Dorset Police with the IPCC. I have given Dorset Police every opportunity to deal with this but they are simply trying to continue to cover it up - a further failure just as serious as the original failures.


This demonstrates perfectly the "not my problem, I'm following my rules" culture which allows all those involved to work purely for their own benefit with no interest or accountability whatsoever for the inevitable disastrous end results, that has taken hold in Dorset Police (and other authorities such as Poole Council, more of that another time) concerning in this case the critical decisions of road safety and financial integrity but it would not surprise me in the slightest if this rot goes a great deal further.


Very many serious and credible concerns have been put to members of Dorset Police, Dorset Police Authority, Dorset Road Safe and other relevant organisations and individuals over many years and no attempt whatsoever has been made to explain or deny any one of them. Senior members of Dorset Police have deliberately dodged questions and requests for information, and failed to comply with the freedom of information process in order to try to suppress the truth. Simple and blatant operational problems have been totally ignored, such as failure to properly consider the risks of enforcement operations (which resulted in at least one death last year). Detail on where the money goes has been fiercely guarded but the only top level information I have been able to get over a period of more than a year indicates serious misuse and worse still, it seems attempts are now being made to cover up all of these problems, initially by Mike Glanville, ACC and Chairman of the Dorset Strategic Road Safety Partnership, and now by even the Chief Constable of Dorset Police, Martin Baker, and the Chief Executive of the Dorset Police Authority, Martin Goscomb.


I raised this complaint against Dorset Police on the 12th Feb 2012: http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/news/sog102.aspx

Here is my letter to Dorset Police: Letter, complaint  


Here is the initial response from Dorset Police. This is the first step to ignoring a complaint. Even though the complaint was clearly against Dorset Police as a whole, and should have been recognised as such anyway based on the content, it was interpreted as a complaint only against Mike Glanville. Initial complaint response, Dorset Police


Here is the initial response from Martin Goscomb: Initial complaint response, Dorset Police Authority


I made Martin Baker aware of the complaint. Despite the numerous operational issues for which he is ultimately responsible, he showed a remarkable lack of interest and responsibility by responding only "I have no locus as such matters are dealt with by the Dorset Police Authority".


So the only response to the complaint came from Martin Goscomb: Final complaint response


Click here to see my reply

Needless to say, neither Martin Baker nor Martin Goscomb bothered to even reply.


I therefore escalated complaints against them, and these were dealt with by the Chairman of the Professional Standards and Diversity Committee Colin Weston, and the Chairman of the DPA Michael Taylor. They too covered up the failings by saying that they had investigated and found no problems but yet again by spectacularly completely failing to respond to any of the actual issues whatsoever cw   mt  . Interestingly, a quick google on Michael Taylor finds this: http://www.dorsetvictimsupport.org/taylor.html


So incredibly, not ONE SINGLE ONE of the serious points was answered in any way whatsoever. As a response to a comprehensive and serious complaint this spectacular failure to actually consider the points is in itself yet another serious failure and the fact that now, the Chief Constable, and the Chief Executive of the Dorset Police authority are trying to help to cover up these failings is the reason that I am now escalating this to the Independent Police Complaint Commission.


I and other campaigners for truth, transparency, competence, fairness and effectiveness in road safety are finding that as we progress, our positions are becoming stronger and totally aligned with the reality - and those whose jobs, egos, and balance sheets depend on the failed obsession with unintelligent enforcements (mostly of totally impractical speed limits set by entirely incompetent councils, probably under pressure from the police) and whatever dishonesty / secrecy is needed to redirect the funds raised for their own benefit are noticeable only by their silence.


This progress is highly encouraging, we know that as our positions are based on the truth, evidence, and common sense, and the opposing positions are based only on silence, we will be found to be right and it's going to be very soon. 


Anyone interfering with this progress towards the truth is now only digging the hole they are in even deeper and will soon be exposed.