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Name and shame

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Another speed camera crash



Yet another crash with speed camera distraction as a possible factor, and in any case, demonstrating another of the vast number of negative effects – a hard object to crash into.

“The Gatsos will gradually be replaced by more mobile cameras to allow for “greater flexibility in targeting areas with high collision rates,” according to Dorset Road Safe.”

No, “greater income” is the aim as no one else will pay for these dangerous, wasteful, organisations and most have worked out that all you have to do is to brake as you go by these ridiculous boxes.

We even have it in writing:


“CS confirmed that the SEES Department under PG are working very hard in trying to establish a self funding and sustainable project.”

That’s strange, previously we’ve been told that PG (I assume that’s Pat Garrett) is only concerned with “saving life”. Now it is confirmed, it’s keeping the money coming in that he’s really most interested in. How on earth can making money and saving life not be conflicting?

Dorset Police are still (after more than a year) resisting telling us how they spend the money they make on courses but the pressure is mounting and I hope to have some news on this soon.