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Brian Austin of Dorset Road Unsafe – totally lost the plot


Once again Dorset Road Unsafe demonstrates that all it is concerned with is silly stories about what some people say, and making money. It seems not concerned in the slightest that “the number of people killed or seriously injured in accidents on Dorset’s roads between January 1 and April 30 rose by 27 per cent from 2011.”

“Brian Austin, No Excuse project manager, said the day of action on June 21 again produced comments that show bad and careless drivers continue to use Dorset’s roads.”

So just when is it going to be, Brian Austin, that your chosen activities are going to reduce “bad and careless driving”? Would your choice of activities be different, if you were motivated by reducing accidents and injuries, rather than making money?

Probably 10 £Grand for a day for a few cops picking off trivial offences while tailgaters, road ragers, boy racers, thugs, dangerous overtakers and the simple totally incompetent drivers carry on with no concern of detection whatsoever.

That should help to keep Brian Austin in work while desperately needed, and PUBLIC FACING front line police are cut back.

It is now 14 months that Dorset Police, now assisted by the Chief Constable, Martin Baker, and the Chief Executive of the Dorset Police Authority, Martin Goscomb, have concealed how they spend the £millions that they take from decent people mostly driving a tiny amount over totally impractical and absurdly low speed limits set by totally incompetent councils such as Poole, and actively ignore the vast number of risks associated with interfering with the LARGEST possible numbers of LEAST dangerous drivers.

While on the subject of Poole Council, their public statement of a £300,000 a year saving from the traffic lights at Fleetsbridge, which seem to be working even less efficiently now than ever before, looks quite simply like false accounting but like Dorset Police, the senior members protect those who make these appalling, wasteful, dangerous mistakes. I have lost count of the number of times I have asked Poole Council to clarify the saving and that they have refused to do so.

There is a very real possibility that the recent INCREASE in killed and injured counts would actually be less if this ridiculous, faceless organisation was simply shut down.