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Dorset Speed's silliest excuse of the year award....


“Brian Austin, No Excuse project manager, said the increase in serious accidents in the first part of 2012 was due to the warm weather”

Warm weather? WHAT warm weather? Yes, we’ve had a few days of sun but overall it’s been one of the most dismal summers I can remember and the wettest, dullest, coldest June on record! Look at this, taken from the Prince Michael award submission: “Outcomes: Dorset County Council’s latest provisional rolling annual average KSI figures reveal a remarkable turnaround in performance with a 23% reduction in KSI’s and a 57% reduction in fatals being recorded compared to the 12 month pre-intervention period in 2009.”

So any reduction is completely due to "no excuse", and any increase is due the the "weather", good, bad, or presumably indifferent?

What about money making pretending to be a “zero tolerance road safety effort”. Could this have anything to do with increased road deaths last year, and almost certainly this year?

As there seem to be a lot of awards flying around at the moment it’s time for me to make one. The Dorset Speed silliest excuse of the year is awarded to: Brian Austin.

Meanwhile, although I really don’t want to get into general criticism of Dorset Police beyond road safety, as I’m sure there are some hard working and decent people in the police,  the damage done by Dorset Road Unsafe / No Excuse is obvious – public confidence destroyed, as you can see in this article (Dorset Police clear-up rate one of worst in UK):

And the Dorset Police “spokesman” (no wonder he wanted to remain anonymous) says: “the force is among the leading forces in the country for public confidence. He added: “Dorset Police puts victims at the heart of our business. “The increased public confidence levels in the service provided is a very important measure of how the force is performing” He should read the article and the opinions of the public, to see a little bit of the reality, resulting mostly from Brian Austin's "no excuse" project.