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Not just in Dorset - Kent and Lincs also

This is serious, I am not prepared to wait.
Please could Ms Penny consider the issue I have raised as a formal complaint against Mrs Barrett and KMSCP. Please acknowledge.
I will now start a number of actions, the first is a complaint to the ASA, which I have copied below.
If you have any doubts about my knowledge or determination, you might want to check this article:
I have 3 outstanding serious actions against Dorset Police and have just started another against similar nonsense from lincs:
I suggest you stop this wasteful dangerous speed camera nonsense and do something useful that might actually save lives.
Ian Belchamber

This complaint is a little unconventional in that it concerns claims made in a news release on the Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership website. However, I believe that it is advertising, and I also believe it is very seriously misleading, so I believe it is something that the ASA should deal with.

KMSCP have made absurd and dangerous claims about effectiveness of speed cameras. They have attributed entire injury reductions entirely to cameras, when in practice, those reductions have come from for a multitude of other reasons, such as:

-vehicle safety improvements
-roads engineering improvements
-rocketing fuel and insurance costs pricing out younger drivers
-drivers diverting from camera sites
-accident relocation
-normal negative trend
-regression to mean
-under reporting
-random chance

If there is any doubt about this I can easily prove it.

The news release from KMSCP constitutes advertising as it will clearly influence the public, and road safety decision makers such as councillors, who could understandably be very impressed by such reductions and ask for any available spend to be used on more as a result, KMSCP staff (who produced the news release) benefiting directly by improved job security, when an honest and competent news release from KMSCP would probably not have looked anywhere near as good and  could have resulted in critical cash being used for more cost effective solutions.

This is therefore both misleading and dangerous advertising with obvious selfish motives and the ASA must act.

Since I have brought this to the attention of KMSCP, far from correcting the misinformation they have exaggerated it further by indicating a 72% reduction from cameras in the first frame of their website. The home page and news release screen shots were taking this evening (8th Nov 2012)

Here are the links:



Not just for advertising accuracy but also for saving life, the ASA must insist that KMSCP remove this appalling misinformation (including the signs they have put out on the roads) immediately.