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My email to Martyn Underhill, newly elected Police Commissioner for Dorset

Dear Martyn, 

Congratulations on your appointment as Police Commissioner for Dorset. I expect you will now be swamped with emails / letters / concerns, etc, but I urge you to take a serious look at this one as soon as possible. As you start reading this you might think that I must be mistaken, it could not possibly be this bad, but I can assure you that it is. 

I will prove to you widespread and persistent dangerous, unprofessional, unethical activities of Dorset Police. I will show you that over many years I have presented well founded concerns and that DP have (in complete conflict with professional practice in safety work) done everything they can to ignore these. I will demonstrate this spans from the lower ranks all the way to the top, the ex Chief Martin Baker, the Chairperson of the (ex) DPA, and even those with responsibility over them, all deflecting legitimate and serious concerns from themselves and others. Even the current acting chief Debbie Simpson has been made aware but has also ignored this.

As well as unprofessional behaviour there is strong evidence of simple conflict of the law itself such as perverting the course of justice, false accounting, breach of duty of care and even quite possibly manslaughter.

These serious concerns have been put to all of the Dorset authorities many times over many years and they flatly refuse to answer them in any way. No matter how wrong I might be, this is unprofessional in the extreme and is evidence in itself that answering the concerns will be very “inconvenient”.

The subject is that of road safety. I am qualified to comment on such things as I am an accomplished senior real world senior engineer with product safety responsibility. If the machines I design malfunction, they could injure or even kill operators. I am therefore familiar with professional industrial safety practices in the UK and around the world. There is no grey area, I can tell you for sure that if I behaved as DP have done I would be fired and possibly locked up by now.

As a professional person with safety responsibility there is one thing that I welcome happily at any time – a safety concern, particularly about my products. This allows me the opportunity to test what I have done, and either improve it, or confirm that it is an issue that I have already successfully covered. Either way, no matter how irritating or wrong the person is that reported it, they will get a quick answer and corrective action will be implemented immediately if necessary. It is surprising how often the customer does indeed find issues – this is not a failing, but deliberately refusing to consider / respond / act most certainly would be. Dorset Police could not possibly better demonstrate exactly the worst possible competence in safety responsibility.

Although I have more than a hundred articles available at www.dorsetspeed.org.uk going back many years, for a quick summary of the current situation this one is a good one to read: http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uknews/sog115.aspx

Any authority taking a fresh start with road safety will be rewarded with excellent results compared with what we had before and I hope you will be a part of this.