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Speed cameras continue to dwindle after spending cuts force another council to axe their program


Many Councils, having jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they could when speed cameras started, having been taken in by the marketing hype by the manufacturers keen to sell and without making a proper informed common sense decision, and dug themselves in deeper and deeper as complaints started coming in, are breathing a sigh of relief and jumping off the bandwagon as quickly as they can now that they can blame it on “budget cuts”.

If they were effective, and there was any efficiency in processing the funds raised, and consideration of the savings for the emergency services in reduced accidents, they would in fact be producing a massive overall financial benefit and there would be no sense whatsoever in shutting them down, not even considering the element of human suffering caused by accidents.

So, the inevitable is finally happening, at last, it took much longer than it should. Poole Council, please don’t hesitate for a second to shut down the DSCP, and as a measure of goodwill and intention, get them to reverse fines and points from the iconic, worst speed camera operation, probably, that there ever was, during the unfortunate era.