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Is this the end for Dorset's speed cameras?


Finally, it looks like, even in Dorset, the speed cameras are to be shut down. There is no way in the world that this would be happening if the rubbish we have heard from the DSCP over the last years was anything near true. Cameras would be delivering accident reductions. Each death or serious injury costs about £1 million. How much should it cost to operate a camera on a pole? Virtually nothing. Can’t afford the cameras? Rubbish. You’ve just been let off the hook by “budget cuts”. Either that or questions need to be asked about why the camera costs as so extreme. Where is all this money going?


Can I please suggest, that whatever comes next, the lessons of the speed camera disaster are learned, and that the Council, the Police, and road safety organisations involve normal, intelligent people with common sense, in their plans rather than allowing such an important activity to be hijacked for what seems to be selfish purposes.


I have been trying to get this point across for 5 years or more and NO-ONE who needs to has listened. If they had, many who are now dead might not be. THIS is what makes me so angry.


Now, I have some GREAT ideas about how to move on and have the technology to do it. Let’s forget the past. There really are massive opportunities for new, SMART road management, bringing safety, enforcement, congestion control and improvement, surveying and planning, crime detection, all together, delivering massive benefits. I would be very pleased to help.