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Residents urge police to act on speeding drivers at Sandbanks
There seems to be some surprise at dangerous driving in Sandbanks. This shows the extent of the ignorance and denial of those with responsibility for road safety, and the complacency in their view that they are doing such a good job.
“David Armitage said he had repeatedly contacted the authorities over the speeding problem on the peninsula, but no action had been taken. He said: “We’ve never had a single reply or response. “ "

Surprise, surprise. Over the 5 years approx. that DorsetSpeed has been highlighting this problem, I’ve received only one response from the council (that they are following DFT guidelines), 2 or 3 responses from the DFT (that councils need to make decisions base on local needs), and only the odd response from Dorset Road Safe along the lines of “we don’t set speed limits, we only enforce them”. Not really a surprise that with this level of disinterest, incompetence, and difficulty of the various organisations to work together to solve problems, that we have anarchy on the roads.

What is needed now is NOT:
-lower (20) limits, which the racers will laugh at and everyone else will see as further evidence that those setting limits really have lost it, and limits can no longer be taken seriously, as has been seen at other locations where limits have been reduced too far
-speed humps, which will spoil the road for the 95% of drivers who are not racers or dangerous, and have no effect on the racers anyway if they are of the ridiculous “cushion” type (for example on Creekmoor Lane and Beechbank Ave, as they can simply be straddled), and often result in drivers in the middle of the road to try to avoid them!
-further occasional visits by “Dorset Road Safe” who will raise large number of fines for trivial speeding while the racers will be tuned in to look for them and will not be caught. Neither will they target drunk / drug / aggressive / antisocial driving, 
What we DO now need is some PROPER ROAD POLICING so that existing limits and laws which are more than adequate are PROPERLY ENFORCED.