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"Two-thirds of all Dorset teens know someone killed or injured in a crash "


This is shocking. It might be selfish, but my kids will be driving soon and I hope things will improve quickly. If they are not responsible when they start to drive, I want them to be made to retake the test, I don’t want them delivered in a box, or have them live with the consequences of hurting / killing someone else. But it is not surprising we have such unacceptable accident rates – we have no useful road policing. A few yellow boxes and an occasional predictable van have no effect whatsoever. “No excuses” has brought in some cash but does not seem to have reduced bad driving.

I will keep stating this until something improves. Shut down the incompetent organisations we have now, which HAVE failed and continue to fail, and introduce some fresh, simple, ideas to properly target bad driving. Police on the road looking for dangerous driving, not fine counts, and new technologies. And if money is tight, make sure there are no “non jobs” wasting money in safety partnerships, and make it only one, 2, or 3 cars in Dorset but DOING THE RIGHT THING AND FREQUENTLY. Continuing to do the wrong thing, because that’s all we think we can afford, is getting us nowhere, wasting money and is COSTING LIVES.