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Name and shame

Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
Here is the link to the new group

Greed on Green – Update.

Good evening, a quick message to let you all know what is going on.

Interest in this has exploded, it’s been in the echo and most of the nationals. I’m receiving huge numbers of emails, which is now starting to make it difficult to make individual responses.

I may have found a specialist speed specialist solicitor who may take this on on a group basis, or maybe for the potential publicity if he can find a loophole. I asked if anyone would be prepared to contribute to any costs and several have responded positively - fantastic.

Please let me know if you have an active NIP and would be interested in fighting it.

Publicity has been great, I’ve been on radio Solent all afternoon, and have a video interview with ITV tomorrow, and the BBC want in, so should be something on the telly shortly.

I’m now exploring the possibility that the NIP counts may actually be higher than we’ve thought!!!!! The figures have been based on southbound only, as the DSCP figures for northbound are 0. But a few have said they’ve had nips for northbound, which might indicate that the northbound 0 is wrong, or that enforcement for this has been switched on recently. So if anyone was done for northbound (away from the town), please let me know, and when it was.

I have 2 outstanding requests for FOI, clarification on the northbound issue, and on the “community concern”, although looking at the site from above, it’s fairly clear that there is no nearby community that could be effected by this!

I think the pressure is building on the DSCP quite nicely…… Cheers, Ian