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Dorset Road Safe – serious lack of accountability


I’ve been trying to register my previous article, “Dorset Road Safe Finances – serious lack of clarity” as a formal complaint with Dorset Road Safe, and guess what, I can’t. You see, when it comes to sending out fines, Dorset Road Safe is as effective as anything.

But try and make a complaint about Dorset Road Safe operations, and Dorset Road Safe magically vanishes into thin air. It is no longer Dorset Road Safe, it is Bournemouth Borough Council (F)– Councillor portfolio lead for transport, Crown Prosecution Service – Dorset, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Dorset County Council (F)– Councillor portfolio lead for transport, Dorset Police – ACC lead for roads policing, Dorset Police Authority (F)– Chief Executive & the Lead Authority member for roads policing, Poole Borough Council (F)- Councillor portfolio lead for transport, Her Majesty’s Court Service for Dorset – Dorset Chief Executive, Highways Agency on behalf of the DfT (F)– Regional lead officer, Dorset Fire & Rescue Service – Chief Fire Officer, Dorset Fire Authority – Lead Authority member, (the (F) denotes a funding partner).

There you go, now try making a complaint!! Make an FOI request about how to complain, and you will be told “If you wished to complain regarding the DSCP (now Dorset Road Safe) as an organisation you would have to write to Mr Adrian Whiting as chair of the DSRSP”. But according to Adrian Whiting, “I have no authority over the actions and participation of organisations other than Dorset Police.”

The true horror of this out of control organisation continues to unfold. It seems to have no shame in giving the impression that is not in fact a “partnership”, just a collection of self interested departments disinterested in the overall outcome of their “contributions”, at best, or at worst, perhaps, capable of putting together money making activities even if it involves manufacturing of high numbers of offences, but easily able to avoid any accusations or complaints simply because all involved can say “it’s someone else’s problem”. The further I look, the more everything seems to fit into place.

I can not think of any company or organisation that does not have a complaints process, even the government has. But now it has become clear you can’t complain about Dorset Road Safe. This undemocratic, damaging, dangerous organisation must be shut down immediately, and a full investigation made into how such an organisation ever came about, and controls put in place so it does not happen again.