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Update 2017
Coverup, protection
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Name and shame

Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
Here is the link to the new group

Here are extracts from the Radio Solent program this morning, relating to Yet more staggering incompetence at Dorset Road Safe




"Morally wrong"

Drivers sent low quality evidence

Controversial camera

Guilty until proven innocent


Comment from Sarah Barnard, solicitor

Difference of evidence “not unusual”

Opting for a court appearance, if unsuccessful, will result in more points and a larger fine – some can’t take the risk or are simply scared by the process and will plead guilty whether they think they are or not

Pressure on people is immense

Dire paperwork

Need to change away from “prosecution minded” to being even handed




Caller 1


Caller 2

“Quick justice, rough justice”

Community responder sent to cardiac arrest, 37 MPH in a 30, advised to take the fine not go to court, due to risk of more points


Callers 3,4

“we live in a world where people are even frightened to say what they think”