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30 signs at greed on green changed

Some of the factors contributing to the "success" of the greed on green camera have been the very short section of 30 limit in front of the camera, the unremarkable 30 limit signs, and miniature 30 limit camera warnings after the very much larger warning signs relating to the 50 section.

The 30 signs at the start of the section were changed to standard, non-bordered type some time in the early part of 2010, these being wholly inadequate considering the limit, road type and enforcement.

The change now back to the yellow bordered signs is confirmation that the previous signs were not adequate.

The pictures provide another opportunity to see the narrow street, limited visibility, houses, shops, pedestrians and cyclists, junctions and turnings, parked vehicles and other obstructions, typical of a 30 limit road. For the benefit of those who were involved in setting this limit and the speed camera people, yes I am being sarcastic, yes it is a dual carriageway and yes there are pavements and cycles paths well off the road on both sides.

There must now be a reversal of points and fines for all those who were penalised while the inadequate signs were in place. Not even the current signage is likley to be taken seriously considering the number in it and the characteristics of the road.

While on the subject of extremely silly speed limits, I just drove up to Rossmoor and back with my daughter on the Dorset Way, and the traffic was flowing normally and safely at about 75 despite all the 50 signs being in place now.  Excellent Poole Council, all you have achieved is even more disinterest in speed limits. Most will find it simply impractical and will ignore it and perhaps other limits they should not ignore. I expect DRS are rubbing their hands in glee at the opportunity to boost their driver awareness course income by another 36% this year. And still on every short journey I see people who drive too close, are not concentrating on their driving, and can’t use sliproads properly. Unbelievable.