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I have this morning opened a police complaint against the senior staff of the DSCP.

Here is the text of the complaint:

My complaint concerns a particular speed trap in Poole, Dorset. While I have not received a fine for this operation, I run the Dorset Speed website and represent the thousands who have.

Over recent days this has received massive publicity as it is possibly the most lucrative single camera in the country, while the Dorset Safety Camera Partnership have admitted that it is not to do with casualty reduction. They have only been able to give “community concern” as a reason, but it is plainly obvious that there is no nearby community that could be effected.

While it is understood that the limit is the law and if you break the law you should be punished, and speed cameras are widely detested and complained about, this situation is on a completely different level to anything that has preceded it and MUST be investigated. This single camera may double the DSCP’s income. It pretends to be a red light camera at a junction on a very wide dual carriageway which has a completely uncharacteristic 30 limit.

Lives are being ruined by this, and none are being saved. I’ve been contacted by a 74 year old whose life has been turned upside down after receiving 3 NIPs while driving in the area when his wife was transferred from Christchurch to Poole hospital.

It has always been possible for the partnerships put forward an argument that a camera has a benefit, but in this case, the DSCP have been unable to.

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we need to know the real reasons for this camera. We won’t get this from FOI or the DSCP who are being as secretive as possible about it. The local police and council have ignored all of my correspondence on this.

The damage being done to confidence in the law and the police by this single camera is unprecedented. If there is a good reason for this camera we need to know about it and this might restore some confidence. Otherwise, something has to change.