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Update, 20 Jan 2011

I sent an email out recently asking if anyone would like to join me in a meeting with Pat Garrett – many thanks for the excellent response and other messages of support. Sadly, the meeting did not happen. As the meeting was only with Pat Garrett and his “team”, I was extremely doubtful that anything could be achieved. Although he was initially receptive to having a member of the public present, this changed as soon as I mentioned the possibility of inviting someone from the Bournemouth Echo. It also started to become clear that this was not an opportunity for us to present anything to him. So it was starting to look like a “dressed up” drivers awareness course, and I’d rather chew my own arms off than go to one of those.

In his initial invitation he said DRS have “nothing to hide”, funny how this seemed to change when I wanted a proper debate with the press present.

I also suggested that it would be good (following the dodgy evidence case at the greed on green) for drivers to ask for evidence retrospectively. I have now been contacted by a number of drivers who have told me they want to charge £23.60 for this! Rather than grasp the opportunity to be seen to be fair and to reassure the public that all is good, they are discouraging this. Surprise, surprise.

After all, there is some serious “arm twisting” to just plead guilty: "If the driver chooses not to accept the Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty, the matter will be referred to the courts. If found guilty by a magistrate, the driver may have to pay court costs, plus up to the maximum penalty of £1000, receive between 3-6 points on their licence and possible disqualification.”   hhttp://www.dorsetroadsafe.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=367&Itemid=130

I have asked them to provide the evidence for free, and will refer the matter to the information commissioner (who seems to be on the side of common sense) if they do not. Watch this space.

Finally, the 30 limit signs have been changed again at the greed on green. For pictures and more information, please see hhttp://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/news/sog39.aspx

The 50 limit on the Dorset / Canford way seems to be the next probable opportunity for some kind of new “greed on green” style activity, watch out and let me know if you see anything!

Speed cameras in Dorset must surely be under the spotlight by now. If we keep the pressure on, we might see the end of this unfortunate era, as is happing in an increasing number of other counties now.

If you haven’t emailed me for a while, please let me know you’re still there, public support is what makes this work. All I'm doing really is just focusing the anger that I hear from the public in the right direction.

Cheers, Ian