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Holes Bay speed camera claims more victims


A pensioner, with a clean license for 55 years, has received a total of 9 points from 3 “offences” at the greed on green in a week. He started frequently visiting the area as his wife was transferred from Christchurch to Poole hospital in an emergency, the first was when she was first transferred and the second when the hospital called him to tell him his wife was “agitated” and need to see him urgently. As it took more than a week for the first nip to arrive, he was not aware of the problem which would have enabled him to correct his driving, and had committed the other 2 offences before he had even received the first. This is a clear example of “nip pipelining” that I have complained about which not only seems designed to land unfamiliar drivers with 2 or 3 fines rather than one, but if speeding is dangerous, actually keeps people speeding for longer.


Now he could easily be banned if he gets another nip in 3 years.


He wrote to Pat Garrett explaining the situation but he showed no mercy. He paid the first and when to court for the second and third. The court gave him 3 points each for the other offences.


This demonstrates one of the many unfortunate effects of this camera – even if driving a bit above 30 on this dual carriageway is wrong - the totally disproportionate suffering that is being caused by the extreme unfairness and lack of the “spirit of the law” to deliver what is right.