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Greed on Green camera to be shut down


The camera will be deactivated on the 1st April, 2011, due to "funding cuts". Even now, we still get lies. We know the numbers of active cameras will reduce due to funding cuts, but have not been told which ones. So why is this one any different? And if cameras are good, and a financially productive one would mean that more cameras could be kept running, this is the last one that should be shut down!

Funding cuts simply can't be the real reason for this camera to be singled out for closure, just a convenient excuse to get rid of a camera that should never have been set up in the first place, without admission of error / real reason of placement.

And no indication that a lesson has been learned that enforcements set up as money making scams are totally unacceptable to the public.

And still, continuing speed camera folly without any justification / analysis / estimated casualty reduction benefit.

And still, more unanswered questions than I can even remember.

There's a long way to go yet.