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Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
Here is the link to the new group

Good evening, another update….


Hopefully some of you saw me on the ITV news on Friday evening. Even I’ve been amazed and encouraged by the media interest and support in this, it has given me strength and determination to continue to fight this. But now, the most important thing is support from the public. My efforts will come to nothing unless I have strong public support. So PLEASE tell your friends / enemies / family / colleagues etc. about this, every single support email I get to info@dorsetspeed.org.uk  will strengthen our position. Don’t just leave it to others. This effort has a real chance of succeeding in revealing the true incompetence of the DSCP and other partnerships, and ultimately, if we can get road safety policy to focus on road safety, instead of taking money off us, to SAVE LIVES. This may be the one chance we get, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!


Hear is the list of articles I’ve found this evening about this:

















I’m hoping also to put up a link to the ITV news article – and a response to the very poor DSCP statement.


So we have some real momentum. But we have to keep going!


I’m still working on getting this properly looked at by a solicitor, but they are of course slippery animals and I’m not sure I’ve found the best solution yet. If anyone knows of a trusty local firm please let me know! Quite a number have said they’d be happy to contribute to the costs of a proper legal challenge, but again, every contribution, no matter how small WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I won’t take a penny until a strategy is in place agreed by all contributors, please let me know if you want to take part. You’ve had £60 robbed from you (maybe two or three times) so a small fraction of this could be money well spent. The strategy (if it develops) will include complete transparency so that all contributions and costs will be detailed on the website.


There’s a few other new things going on which I hope to be able to report on in the next day or 2.


There’s a few other ideas floating around, like a possible protest at the site, but again this will be a failure if 3 people turn up. Let me know if you are prepared to do your best to turn up if a protest is organised, or if you have any other ideas.


This is a completely unique opportunity to show the “authorities” the error of their ways, I’m convinced the problems we’ve seen with road safety exist in other areas of government and councils, once the current road safety “experts” have been revealed as what they are, who knows what could happen!


Cheers, Ian