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Dorset Traffic Police cut by 33%

WHAT? We need MORE proper traffic police, not LESS.
And we're still wasting money on speed cameras?
"Dorset Police believes road safety in the county will improve overall"
Now, even I'm lost for words (nearly). DRS and the Dorset councils seem determined to demonstrate their incompetence / disinterest, now it seems it's the turn of Dorset Police (see also below).
Things may be tough, but I think we're starting to see why Dorset performs almost the worst in almost all respects - casualty counts and reductions, traffic cop reductions, transparency, honesty, professionalism, etc. etc. I have STILL been unable to find anyone in the Dorset Authorities, with road safety responsibility, who has any belief or who is even capable of communicating on this (apart from Adrian Whiting who was an excellent communicator but seems less involved with road safety now).
I've even discovered that recently, Martin Baker and Steve Tite have been distributing instructions on how not to receive my emails. That's a great way to resolve public concern, well done. How about actually trying to do something about the nonsense that IS happening, and I've been revealing for years, that can only be resulting in more deaths than there should be on Dorset's roads? How about remembering that YOU work for the PUBLIC? I even asked Mr Baker if he would like to suggest a way of conducting the protest in a way that did not result in emailing large numbers of councilors / police etc., and although I did get one reply, he avoided answering even this question! What the heck are you people in the police and council doing / thinking every day?
I took my son to Poole from Upton (just after dusk last night), a journey of about 3 miles / 5 minutes and saw:
- about 5 vehicles with defective or no lights
- at least 3 racing / dangerously fast / too close
- 2 drivers who were driving slowly and erratically, possibly drunk / drugged / or maybe just incompetent.
- as always, no signs of any proper policing, but I did pass 3 speed cameras.
I'm amazed we don't have 10's of people killed on the roads in Dorset every day. THESE are the reasons that we have some of the worst casualty rates in the country. NOT speed limits that need reducing well below the natural safe speed for the road. And I can't really see how education and "community" / "neighbourhood" chat is going to help with the most dangerous problems including those above.
I really don't see how much more clear it can be.

Every single thing about this indicates that the only conclusion that is reachable (if there were any discussion / debate / analysis) is that all involved are guilty of severe negligence and massive waste – and even worse, a higher death count on our roads than there should be. Why would there not be transparent and professional communication if there was a good reason for current road safety methods? Why are certain senior members of the police and council trying to sweep protest “under the carpet” when there are obvious problems that need to be addressed?


PLEASE, if any of those addressed feel they may be able to do something about this, can they do it, before Dorset reaches the absolute bottom of the council performance list on road safety, and hopefully, before my children start using the roads.