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Motorcyclist killed - at mobile speed trap - my email to IPCC

I write in relation to a case you may already be looking at, concerning the death of a motorcyclist on the A338 in Dorset, when it seems he panic braked and skidded, on spotting a Dorset Road Safe speed enforcement van.


I am a road safety campaigner in Dorset and have for a long time believed that the activities of Dorset Road Safe, previously Dorset Safety Camera Partnership, have actually had only a negative impact of road safety on balance. This concern seems justified as Dorset is one of the worst councils in casualty reduction. Full information can be seen on my website www.dorsetspeed.org.uk . Throughout this campaign, which must have been running for over 5 years, I have done my best to make everyone in all the Dorset authorities (and DfT) aware of the issues and have even offered assistance if it would help. But these messages have almost entirely been completely ignored by Dorset Road Safe, the Councils, the police, police authority, etc. Where there have been responses, they have been uninformed, unscientific, arrogant, complacent, and unprofessional. Again, there are plenty of examples of this on my website. I even presented a complaint to IPCC a year or so ago about one particular enforcement, which still has not been resolved entirely satisfactorily, although it has been shut down now.


The important point is, that when DRS sent this van to the A338 on that unfortunate morning, they would have known, if they had listened, that this was not necessarily a good thing that they were doing. Again, if they had listened, they would have been aware of some of the negative effects that result from a dependence on speed cameras in place of proper road policing. But DRS have only presented an optimistic view of the effect of their operations, without taking into account the significant number of negative effects or opportunities to do better.


I therefore believe that, if Dorset Road Safe, is found to be even partly responsible, that their contribution to this death cannot be considered entirely “accidental”. I believe there is some serious incompetence, and negligence, on the part of Dorset Road Safe, and those (councils, etc) who have continued to support it, despite the constant stream of evidence I have provided that has suggested that it is more greed, than road safety, that drives them.


I wanted to contribute these points to this case but would be very pleased to answer any other questions you may have. I would be most grateful if you could keep me informed of any progress on this case.


Regards, Ian Belchamber