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"No Excuse" makes no difference!

Check these charts, which show various charts for KSI over the last 3 years (up to current), with the point of introduction of "no excuse" marked on the chart.
Not on any chart is there any indication whatsoever of any change in direction at or after the point of introduction of "no excuse". There are of course quite large variations in the numbers with such low event frequencies and such spurious triggers, but nothing that looks like a definite improvement. 
This is despite huge numbers of "offences" and fines / course "contributions" being raised, but it is not surprising as:
1. It seems to be the large number of trivial / harmless offences being targeted presumably to raise the maximum amount of money, rather than the type of driving actually likely to directly cause accidents.
2. 95% of "offences" are speeding (47%), seatbelt (34%), and mobile phone (14%). Indeed these can be very dangerous, but they can be quite harmless, for example 37 MPH on the Holes Bay Road, not wearing a seat belt to drive around the corner, picking up a phone in slow / stationary traffic. Now we know that the "zero tolerance" approach is actually criminalizing large numbers of drivers who may have been technically breaking a law, but in a way that traditionally might have resulted in a warning as with an element of common sense and discretion, the actual danger being caused did not justify a penalty. The results above speak for themselves, it is not those who are causing the accidents who are being caught by "no excuse".
3. Just 5% of offences are classified as "other", including mot, insurance,  etc. It seems likely then that the figures for things like:
-undertaking / lane hogging
-road rage
-aggressive driving / racing
-drunk / drug driving
-lack of respect / awareness for other road users
-dangerous overtaking
-bad use of junctions / sliproads
i.e. the things that are DIRECTLY likely to CAUSE an accident, must be nearly 0.
That is why, as the charts show, "no excuse", as it is at the moment, makes no difference, other than to further alienate the public against the police and the law, which is in itself, quite dangerous.