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Here's the news item as seen on ITV. The aspect ratio may be slightly wrong, but other than that the quality is quite good:  News


So, the "DSCP spokesperson" (as usual, no one wants to put their name to it) makes 3 points:

1. Those who don't exceed the limit won't get a fine. Yes DSCP, we know that and no one disputes it. But it's not the point. We want you to be thinking about what best needs to be done to improve road safety. We don't want you to be putting all of your energy and resources into extracting the maximum amount of cash you possibly can from us, which is clearly taking your mind off what you should be doing, and is therefore, quite possibly, COSTING LIVES.


2. A "full public relations campaign" was undertaken prior to the camera going live. I have of course made an FOI enquiry about this and await the results with interest. I'm a Poole resident and I certainly don't remember anything. I'd really like to hear from anyone who was asked if they wanted people driving a tiny amount over the limit through this junction fined.


3. Apparently, the percentage of drivers prosecuted is 0.26%. So what? This organisation is expert at trying to blind us with stats and percentages, if this is the best it can do to try to come up with a number which is small, it's not very impressive.


None of this does anything to justify the greed on green. This isn't going to fool anyone.