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Name and shame

Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
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More nonsense from Pat Garrett

"Dorset police head of safety, education and enforcement services Pat Garrett said: “The Dorset Road Safe partnership have always reviewed all camera sites on an on-going basis to ensure that they are an effective tool in reducing road casualties and the risk to public safety.”"
Then Why Mr Garrett, did you introduce this camera in the first place when according to your own records the site has a ZERO ksi count since your records began (at least 10 years)? What exactly were you looking to reduce the figure of ZERO to? And what exactly is dangerous about 36 (or even 46) on a wide open non-residential non-commercial dual carriageway? The single carriageway through the PC World shopping center without the benefit of barriers or a proper ped crossing over the main road has a 50 limit and I've never seen any problems there. Guess what, the majority of drivers know what the appropriate speed is, and this can be both below, but sadly increasingly above, speed limits, as the councils spread their ridiculous and unrealistic limits. And those who don't know the appropriate speed or don't care have figured out how to deal with it: drive slowly past fixed yellow boxes and stripy vans! Your cameras are a waste of space, Mr Garrett, as far as road safety is concerned. In fact the longer they remain, they longer that those who want to speed dangerously will be comforted by the stupidity of councils and police who now seen to be the only ones that think they help, which might just be something to do with the millions they make from driver awareness courses.
Why have you failed to answer countless questions and refused to communicate? Why are you making 150% profit from courses? Why do you refuse to consider and actively reject the possibility that cameras can cause accidents despite all the evidence showing that they do?
Try answering some questions for once, Mr Garrett. If you can answer those I'll have a few more for you.
If you truly believe you are contributing to road safety, tell me where I am wrong and if it makes sense I will apologize and close my website. Otherwise, this continuing demonstration that Dorset Road Safe has not got a clue requires that the councils pull funding immediately.