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Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
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Speed cameras have caused 28,000 accidents in a decade


A Dorset Road Safe spokeswoman said: “We have no knowledge of this report or its contents and therefore are unable to comment.”  Well that was August last year, so you must have known about it when I made my recent FOI request, and Johnny Stephens wrote "You make assumptions based with no validated evidence presented.  Safety Cameras are type approved for use by the Home Office and I have no record or validated evidence presented to me of any negative effects of their use in road safety."

This is now starting to look like a downright lie or indicative of a totally unacceptable lack of awareness for what actually happens on the roads for someone with anything to do with road safety. The defunct Dorset Road Safe organisation must be shut down immediately before more money is wasted and unnecessary lives lost. Councilors supporting Dorset Road Safe must be investigated, or TELL ME IF I AM WRONG.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJLlH6GgmfU - 2 high speed crashes on video directly caused by braking in response to seeing a speed camera