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Holes Bay Camera, adjusted to flash at higher speeds

As Pat Garrett and Johnny Stephens refuse to answer questions, let's see if Mike Glanville will, as he's mentioned in this item as the chair of the partnership:




".. And Poole’s controversial Holes Bay “speed on green” camera will be adjusted to only flash drivers at a much higher speed than present."

Setting the detection speed at “a much higher speed” is confirming what many (with common sense) have been saying for a long time: the 30 limit is not realistic, and is therefore not enforceable. Much better to have limits that are realistic, credible and enforceable, rather than completely ridiculous limits, which even Dorset Road Safe seem to be saying it’s ok to drive above. What a ridiculous situation, and what a mockery this makes of “no excuse”. Is it ok or not to drive above the limit, Dorset Road Safe? If it is, are you going to refund all those tens of thousands of drivers you have fined, as they were doing nothing wrong? If not, why when you have a camera there anyway, are you not going to fine someone for doing 40 (or more?) in a 30? What is the ksi count of ZERO going to be reduced to in 2011 / 2012 as a result of this camera? Does Dorset Road Safe understand that the public require a better justification for speed cameras than "it'll cost money to switch it off"? WHY WAS OUR MONEY SPENT TO PUT IT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?  Oh, it's ok, you just do what you want to make money, you don't have to explain yourselves to the public.


This and other ridiculous limits / reductions, including Dorset / Canford Way, must be reversed, as enforcement is so completely ineffective / non existent, it won’t result in much higher speeds, only increased speed limit compliance and respect. And please can we have some proper road policing, not gangs of target chasers sending as many people as possible on courses at 150% profit a time and then disappearing until everyone is not expecting them again - although Dorset Police have refused to answer my questions or even communicate about the claimed £813,000 cost of courses which seems excessive - so the percentage is probably much higher still.


Let's see if Mike Glanville can show a little professionalism, belief and integrity, and point out where I have misunderstood, and that the safety of the public is really the prime concern of the Dorset Authorities, rather than making millions of pounds out of them while making poor road safety decisions.