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Let's see if Martin Goscombe has anything to say

Dorset police continue to be silent about my request for information about the claimed cost of £813,000 for courses.

One of the "excuses" given in the past about lack of communication from all the Dorset Authorities about their incompetent and apparently cash profit driven approach to road safety is that I have not made it clear enough from whom I am expecting a response, although as I have mentioned, any professional receiving concerns would be able to work this out for themselves.
Recently I have directed questions directly to Mike Glanville, Mike Penning, Pat Garrett, and it seems this really was an excuse because it didn't make any difference, ask these people direct questions and nothing happens. This dismal communication is why my complaints have escalated over the years and they will continue to do so.
So, Martin Goscombe, CE of the Dorset Police Authority, let's try a couple of questions for you:
1. Radio Solent asked for comment from the DPA in the recent news item about course finance transparency. Apparently, DPA said it could not prepare anything "in time". Why if what the DPA does is correct, honest, and ethical, or even just simply thought-out, would it "take time" to prepare a comment? Have you had enough time yet? If not why not? If you have, please tell us why the Dorset Authorities have been so secretive about course costs? I was only told about the interview on Friday evening, and I didn't need any time at all. Funny how it's so easy, and takes no time whatsoever, to prepare for something you believe in.
2. Why does the Dorset Police authority charge more than any other for courses?
3. Dorset Police seems unable to tell us what the £813,000 claimed for course expenses is spent on. Does the DPA know?
4. Even if course profit is used to help with enforcement costs, this clearly provides FINANCIAL motivation, both for councils to spend on Dorset Road Safe, and for enforcements to be optimised for making money instead of saving life, to protect the jobs of those working within Dorset Road Safe, if nothing else. The DfT is of the opinion that there should not be and is not any financial motivation concerning road safety decisions. How do you explain this conflict?
Please answer the questions, Mr Goscombe. No excuses. If you can manage to answer these few simple questions, I might have a few more for you.