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Name and shame

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More nonsense from Brian Austin

“Brian Austin, project manager of the No Excuse campaign, said police officers had been amazed by the risks drivers were still willing to take.” So Mr Austin, does No Excuse seem to be working, or does it not? How long will it be before drivers are not willing to take those risks due to no excuses?
“Three motorcyclists were spotted riding without helmets and 15 motorists were not in proper control of their vehicle. Eight drivers had no valid MOT. He added: “It seems some drivers were of the opinion that because of a reduction in the number of fixed safety cameras road traffic enforcement has been reduced.”” I know you think the public are idiots Mr Austin, but surely you don’t think we are stupid enough to think that because speed cameras are being shut down, we are less likely, for example, to be caught for riding a motorcycle without a helmet?
Why is it that in these repetitive news items about no excuses, we just see smugness about numbers caught (many going on your courses at probably much more than 150% profit, although you refuse to tell us how much) and some of the silly things said, and NEVER any evidence of improving driving or respect for the law (in fact it seems not surprisingly that the opposite is happening)?
Do the decisions you make influence how much money comes in? Does this income influence your job security? Until this motivation to make money, and apparently resulting very poor road safety decision making, is properly stopped (as the DfT attempted back in 2007), we won’t believe you about your stated interest in reducing casualties.