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Get a grip, Mike Penning


"Ministers have already removed financial incentives that encouraged local authorities to introduce hundreds of speed cameras, with revenue now paid to the Treasury."

WHAT??????????????? Have you heard about driver awareness courses???????

150% profit in Dorset (if the £813,000 cost of provision is true - but Dorset Police refuse to detail it or even communicate about it)

"It is understood that officials from the Department of Transport will conduct a detailed statistical analysis of the data to assess the effectiveness of speed cameras in improving road safety." Er, perhaps you should get this done professionally and independently, DfT won't want "egg on face" with the only result a proper analysis can produce, which won't be that cameras save lives.

And when did councils ever listen to the public? We have one of the most lucrative cameras in the country, at a site with 0 KSI since records began, which is still in force.

I'm sorry Mr Penning but you are utterly and completely out of touch and your intentions although showing signs of hope will come to nothing unless you take an entirely different approach with local authorities.