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More areas with speed cameras increasing or not reducing road deaths

I had a quick check for articles in response to release of speed camera data. Remember, this is against the background of rapidly reducing road casualties anyway due to recession, rocketing fuel and insurance costs (particularly for younger drivers), improving car safety, engineering improvements, etc. There's some nonsense in some of these stories but they basically say the same thing: cameras don't prevent accidents, and often cause them. Seems like everyone knows this now, except one or 2 people in Dorset Road Safe, and maybe some of the other "safety" partnerships:
We must now immediately and urgently stop mobile speed camera operations in Dorset at least and remove fixed cameras. It can only be a matter of a short amount of time before those who allow speed cameras to continue to be used to be considered responsible for deaths, even if by just consuming resources that could otherwise be used on useful road safety activities. 
I had another quick look for articles about this this morning, and I was not surprised to find some going back many years (see below).
Heads should roll. EVEN TODAY Dorset Road Safe (and the councils that support it and gain from it) refuse to acknowledge the negative effects of speed cameras and fails to provide any evidence whatsoever of any road safety benefit. How can it ever have made any decision on a balanced, competent basis if this major factor has never been considered (more like deliberately excluded)? It should have know this from the start, it's just common sense, this is not just incompetence, it now looks much more like serious negligence. How many have died due to the inflated opinion of speed cameras by those whose jobs or balance sheets depend on them, over all this time? Speed cameras must be withdrawn immediately, at least until an independent and credible case is made for them on a ROAD SAFETY basis.

"Speed cameras 'do not cut accidents'... they create them, study finds"
"The MP said he was aware of one camera at Queensway in Hemel Hempstead that had caused rather than prevented accidents."
"SPEED cameras have failed to cut accidents at almost half of all sites where they have been installed in South Yorkshire"

"The number of collisions recorded at Braintree’s only speed camera have risen since it was put up."

"SOME speed cameras in Dorset have not cut accident rates – and casualties near some cameras could even have increased, according to statistics. Figures show that many cameras have done little or nothing to improve accident rates, but have proved highly effective in clocking up speeding fines. "
"SPEED cameras installed to stop accidents are not doing their job, according to national figures"
New statistics from the Department for Transport have today revealed what has been believed about speed cameras for quite some time. Namely, they regularly fail to cut accident rates and can even increase them.

"SINCE mobile speed cameras were introduced at some of Bristol's worst accident blackspots, there have been more than 4,000 crashes on the roads they watch."


"Three speed cameras in Preston that pulled in £18,000-worth of fines in 2010 actually bore witness to an increase in the number of accidents since they were installed."

"Not only is it scandalous that cameras where casualties have increased have been kept in operation for many years, it is even more disturbing that the authorities have hidden this data and authorised continued operation whilst being in possession of this knowledge"

"Accidents rise despite presence of speed cameras"
"Casualty rates at some speed camera sites have worsened since their installation, figures out today showed."

"SPEED cameras in South Bucks are failing to cause accident rates to drop despite successfully bringing average speeds down."


"In Midsomer Norton and Radstock, none of the areas where mobile camera vans operate has seen a significant fall in accidents since their introduction."

"Speed cameras have little or no effect on reducing road accident on roads in the West Midlands, statistics released today suggest."


Prior to 1995 deaths per vehicle-mile were falling at 7% per year.  After that date, instead of accelerating under the impact of the cameras, that beneficial trend collapsed to 2.5%.  Had the previous trend continued there would have been 10,000 fewer deaths that actually occurred.  There is also a remarkable correlation between those extra deaths and the number of fines


Older articles:

(2002) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2212479.stm
"Speed cameras can cause accidents rather than prevent them, according to research carried out in Leeds.

Researchers found seeing a speed camera can distract drivers and cause them to slam on the brakes.

Accident rates were studied on two of the main roads in and out of Leeds.

In both cases, accidents have increased since cameras were installed."