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Speed cam burned on the A338


VANDALS who set a speed camera alight in Bournemouth are “putting lives at risk”, according to Dorset Road Safe.

Speaking on behalf of Dorset Road Safe, which operates the county’s cameras, Pat Garrett said: “The people committing this sort of vandalism are putting lives at risk.”

Lets look at some facts from your website, Mr Garrett.

Number killed in the 4 years before the cam: 0. And in the 4 years after: 1

Number seriously injured in the 4 years before the cam: 4. And in the 4 years after: 5

And this over a period when UK road deaths were falling.

Now I’m not going to suggest that the increase in deaths and serious injuries is BECAUSE of the camera, even though recent widespread realisation of the negative effects would make this easy, because unlike those who try to promote the effectiveness of DRS, "no excuse", etc.  I know something about science, maths and statistics.

All I’m going to say is that your statement about putting lives at risk, in the short time before you will presumably waste more of our money repairing this camera, only demonstrates (very clearly) your isolated and warped sense of perspective on the effectiveness of cameras.

The scale of ignorance and denial, even now, is extraordinary. We very, very desperately need some people involved in road safety in Dorset who have (a) some common sense and (b) no dependency on speed cameras. If I'm wrong Mr Garrett please tell us why. Just for once, stand up and tell us you believe in your cameras and why. I'm not holding my breath.

It is truly sad that such an “act of vandalism” ends up with such public support. If in doubt, check the reader comments on the news item.

But it is no surprise when delivery of the law has been distorted to the point that it not only achieves the exact opposite of what was intended (to improve safety) but criminalizes normal people going about their normal daily duties entirely responsibly and safely.

Those who burned this camera are considered heros, I can not think of any other act of vandalism that would create this response.

The law, speed limits, and enforcements need URGENT attention.