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Update, 13th July 2010

DorsetSpeed was on Heart FM this morning, the media support and interest in this continues: (excuse the quality, I recorded it on my laptop)  Heart FM

I have a local solicitor involved now that I am happy with, Ellis Jones, who have noticed a sharp rise in enquiries relating to this site and dealt with a few. They are offering a free assessment if you have a NIP, and a 10% discount for any further work if you want to be represented for a court appearance, etc. They may do some work for us to look into the legality of the setup, this plan will develop over the next few weeks.

I have someone who is going to court this week who will put some evidence of the public concern about this in front of the court and I hope to be able to report on this shortly.

If you have an active NIP right now, you have 2 choices: just pay it, or go to court, on the understanding that you might pay a bit more (shouldn’t be too much more) and loose some time, but you will have the opportunity to likewise, point out to the court that something is seriously wrong here. It will hopefully start to sink in and help to build the case that this camera is in no ones interest at all. This operation is surviving only because it’s easier and quicker to pay the fine than it is to go to court. If everyone who got an NIP here chose to go to court, this would simply have to be shut down immediately as the courts would become a joke. For those who are going to court or have done, please let me know how it goes and if you are happy for me to publish what happens (anonymously). Please contact me before you go to court in case I have any new information.

I’ve been contacted by 2 drivers who are actually emergency service qualified drivers, who have seen the dreadful results of bad driving and have always been vigorous supporters of all safety organisations and activities – but not any more.

I now await a response from FOI about the “community concern” and about the precise technical detail of the entire installation and any changes that have been made while it has been active.

Please continue to spread the word, as I’ve said before, if we can get the DSCP or any organisation that might replace it to work hard on road safety, instead of appearing to concentrate on extracting all the cash they possibly can from safe motorists, it might SAVE LIVES.

Cheers, Ian