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Another speed camera vandalised, more nonsense from Dorset Road Safe

"Dorset Road Safe, which operates speed cameras, said such acts were putting lives at risk."
Well, the last act of vandalism, near the County Gates roundabout, certainly did not, there was an additional death and serious injury in the 4 years after compared to the 4 years before.
Let's have a look at the A347 cam:
Deaths in the 6 years before: 1 And in the 6 years after: 1
Serious injuries in the 6 years before: 3 And in the 6 years after: 7 (more than double)
Again, over a period when casualties are falling in the UK.
It seems, Dorset Road Safe, as if it is the presence of these cameras that is putting lives at risk, not vandalising them.  Even your own data tells us this. Why is it that the "professionals" at Dorset Road Safe (and the councils that support them) seem to be the only ones who can't add 2 and 2 together?

Why have you continued with this wasteful dangerous nonsense all these years while you have had the data all the time confirming that cameras if anything actually increase deaths and serious injuries? Is it because of the money? What other reason could there be?